Best All-Terrain Tires For 2022

02 Nov.,2022


All Terrain Tires

If you venture off-road or you’ve been thinking of trying, you should consider a set of all-terrain tires. With a more aggressive, chunky tread pattern and stronger protection from punctures than all-season tires, A/Ts hit the sweet spot for traction, ride comfort and treadwear in a wide variety of conditions. They can handle everything most off-roaders will throw at them, while still providing decent handling, ride comfort and noise levels on the highway.

Differences from a conventional tire can include stiffer, reinforced sidewalls, Kevlar-reinforced construction and blockier tread with deep grooves for better grip on loose surfaces. Since all-terrain tires must grip and provide security on pavement, tire manufacturers have to make compromises. Some are designed to favor street use while others are more at home when the pavement ends. 

Keep in mind that while many all-terrain tires can be fitted to your truck or SUV without other modifications, making any big change in tire width or height may require different wheels or other alterations to your vehicle. The best advice is to be realistic about your needs and to consult with a tire professional before making a purchase. All prices listed are for an 18-inch diameter tire.