Advantages of Boron Trifluoride Ethylamine Complexes

08 Jun.,2022

Used as a catalyst in organic synthesis, epoxy resin curing agent, also used in the manufacture of rocket high-energy fuel.


Product description

Chinese name: High Viscosity Powder HPMC ethylamine complex

Chinese alias: Boron trifluoride-ethylamine

English name: Boron Trifluoride-Ethylamine complex

CAS No.: 75-23-0   

Molecular formula: C2H7NBF3   

Molecular weight: 112.8899


Advantages of Boron Trifluoride Ethylamine Complexes


Product application.

Used as a catalyst in organic synthesis, epoxy resin curing agent, also used in the manufacture of rocket high-energy fuel. Boron trifluoride-ethylamine complex (75-23-0) can be used as latent curing agent of epoxy resin. Dosage 3 parts, below 100 ℃ curing speed is very slow, above 120 ℃ is very fast curing, and accompanied by exothermic. The heat deflection temperature of the cured product can reach 230℃, and the electrical property is good, but the impact strength is low, and the alkali resistance and humidity resistance is poor, so it is suitable for laminated products and casting materials. The resin cured with this product has semi-submerged characteristics, which is suitable for users to machine the prepreg parts before curing. This product and epoxy resin in curing can produce more ether bonds, increasing the toughness and adhesion of the product.

Used as a latent curing agent for epoxy resin adhesives, the reference amount of 3 to 5 parts, to 3 parts is appropriate, 100g epoxy resin composition applicable period of 3 to 4 months. Curing conditions 120 ℃ / 2h + 150 / 3h, curing material heat deflection temperature 1.25 ℃. After 120 ℃ / 3h + 200 ℃ / 1h curing treatment, heat deformation temperature up to 175 ℃. With phenolic epoxy resin, heat deflection temperature 230℃. Aluminum oxide, aluminum hydroxide, silica, mica powder and other inorganic fillers can improve the applicable period of the composition. bpMEA has a large room temperature reactivity to alicyclic epoxy resins and polybutadiene epoxy resins. It can also be used as accelerator of DDS curing agent.


Hazardous properties.

It is hygroscopic and will hydrolyze and liquefy when placed in humid air and does not work as a curing agent. When heated, it decomposes into BF3 and ethylamine, ethylamine reacts with epoxy resin, and BF3 has the effect of improving the curing of epoxy resin; however, the decomposed BF3 is corrosive to metal.


Storage and transportation requirements.

The warehouse is ventilated and dry.


Technical index

Physical and chemical properties.

Appearance white crystalline solid, strong hygroscopicity, placed in humid air easy to hydrolysis liquefaction and make its curing agent role. It can be dissolved in liquid epoxy resin, when mixing, first heat a small amount of resin to 85 degrees, then stirring and mixing. The product has good solubility in hydroxyl compounds, (such as ethylene glycol, furfuryl alcohol) dissolved in these solvents and then used as a curing agent is also a common method. The use of this method facilitates the reduction of the viscosity of the resin mixture, and the presence of hydroxyl groups also facilitates the improvement of reactivity.

Melting point °C : -50

Boiling point °C : 185

Flash point °C : 60 

Density g/mL at 25 °C(lit.): 1.005

Vapor pressure mmHg at 25 °C : 0.713


Quality standard.

Boron trifluoride %: ≥60

Water %: ≤0.5

Melting point ℃:80-85

Chromaticity (Pt-Co number): ≤20

Iron ion%:≤0.001



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