Court docs: Local man made, dealt anabolic steroids nationwide

22 Nov.,2022


Raw Steroid Powder

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – His operation stretched all over the country.

He’s accused of receiving raw steroid powders in the mail, which he would later convert to liquids, slap a brand label on some vials and then ship them off to customers.

They in turn would pay him through cash apps like Venmo.

Sometimes, he’d use fictitious return addresses for his deliveries in case authorities were tracking any of his transactions.

United States Postal Service investigators eventually caught on, though.

Allen County Prosecutors on Thursday formally charged a 47-year-old Scott Lewis Miller with a felony count of dealing in anabolic steroids by knowingly manufacturing or delivering the steroids and a felony count of dealing in anabolic steroids by possessing with the intent to deliver or manufacture the steroids.

Scott Miller

In the course of a year, Miller is accused of making more than $380,000 in the steroid business – much more than his job at General Motors, according to Allen Superior Court documents.

Miller’s steroid hustle began to fall apart in September, when the United States Postal Service received a tip that Miller was manufacturing steroids in Fort Wayne.

Investigators found out he was receiving the materials to make steroids and selling it under the brand name “Hybrid,” court documents said.

Investigators intercepted several packages bound for Miller’s home in the Chapman’s Bridge addition off of Wheelock Road.

Inside those packages investigators found some cash, stickers labeled “Hybrid Pharmaceuticals” along labels for various steroid brands and strengths. Also in those packages, investigators found clear vials and pills that were suspected to be steroids, according to court documents.

In another package, investigators found 10 clear glass vials with yellow tops containing a “clear, yellowish liquid” as well as more pills suspected of being steroids, court documents said.

Investigators tracked a parcel Miller sent to a former bodybuilder in another state, and found that same man received 10 shipments of materials from Fort Wayne – all with fictitious addresses.

Postage for one of those parcels was purchased at a self-service kiosk – and a review of surveillance footage showed Miller sending the package, according to court documents.

Investigators served Miller with another search warrant on Nov. 17, this time for his home, a secondary home they found he used as well as a local storage unit in Fort Wayne.

During this search, according to court documents, they found:

  • More than 55 pounds of liquid steroids in vials
  • More than 15 pounds of steroids in pill and tablet form
  • Four pounds of edibles and workout powder
  • More than three pounds of packaged syringes
  • More than 19 pounds of shipping and packaging materials,

“Through law enforcement training and experience, the items located at the residence are typical of a person involved in dealing illegal narcotics such as anabolic steroids,” wrote Inspector Louis Arona, an officer with the postal service, in court documents.

In an interview with investigators, Miller admitted to receiving drug laden parcels through the mail and selling and shipping steroids throughout the country. He also admitted to sending and receiving money to and from sources of supply and customers using cash apps.

Investigators also identified the top 20 accounts and names of people that sent Miller money throughout the course of 2020 and 2021.

“This investigation identified some of these individuals as customers and or co-conspirators,” Arona wrote in court documents.