Frequently Asked Questions

12 Oct.,2022


frp fittings

    Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the main business of Litek Composites?
    The main function of our warehouse in Los Angeles, CA is to stock adequate quantity of standard FRP Pipes and Fittings made in Thailand by our own factory, to support our major clients and agents in North America for their demands for immediate deliveries.

  • What are the stocks you have in your Los Angeles warehouse?
    We stock most of standard size of FRP pipes and fittings.

  • What kind of resin you used for making your pipes and fittings?
    We use Ashland Vinyl Ester Resins such as 411, 470, 992SB...for our stocks. However, we can accept customer's choice of resin as custom made.

  • Who are most of your customers?
    Most of our customers are FRP fabricators, field maintaince, installation companies located in North America.

  • How long you have been in the business?
    We have been doing business in North America since 1984.

  • Do you accept custom made products?
    Yes, we accept customer's specification for mostly corossion resistance pipes and fittings.

  • What are the curing systems you used for your standard products?
    We carry both MEKP and BPO cured products. MEKP cured products are room temperature cured, BPO cured products are post cured. We also can do MEKP with post cured base on customer's order.

  • Have you been supplying RTP-1 certified companies?
    Yes, we work very closely with RTP-1 certified tanks manufacturers. All our products are very well accepted.

  • How good your prices are ?
    We suggest you check our listed prices on the web to see how competitive we are. Some items may even cheaper than your own production cost. We are open for discount negotiation for volume inquires.

  • How Long does it take to ship over our orders?
    We have stock for most of standard sizes of pipes and fittings. Usually, we can process your order in 2 working days. For items that is out of stocks may take 2 weeks for back order. For volume order that can be full container loaded, we can ship directly from China to your warehouse in 6 weeks with discount.

  • What else you can do?
    We are very good in making spools according to your drawings. We could make great saving for you to have spools made in Thailand.

  • Whom shall I contact for further information or sample review?
    Please contact Micky Cheng in our LA office. He will be glad to answer your calls.