FRP Accessories

12 Oct.,2022


frp fittings

FRP Accessories

FRP Accessories include adhesives, sealants and trim to ensure that you you have everything that you need for a professional, quality installation.

PVC Trim

The PVC Trim is a simple way to join your FRP wall panels together. The PVC trim comes in a variety of colors to match the FRP Standard & FRP Symmetrix wall panel lines.

Adhesives & Sealants

We offer Marlite brand adhesives and sealants made specifically for use with our FRP wall panels.

Aluminum Trim

Our aluminum trim is designed for use with our FRP Artizan and FRP Induro wall panel lines for a stronger trim option with an industrial look.

All adhesives MUST ship by truck!

Don't forget to order sealant if you want your installation to be completely moisture resistant. Use the sealant with your trim pieces.