Frp Fittings

12 Oct.,2022


frp fittings

Wanxin is specialized in producing Frp Fittings,Frp Pipe,Frp Flanges,Frp Elbows,Frp Air Valve,Frp Spray Nozzle,Frp Double Flange Reducer.

Frp Fittings are used in trenchless installation of pipelines because it is lightweight, temperature resistant, strong, and highly resistant to chemicals and corrosion. These pipes are easy to install and rarely need repair because they are low maintenance. In trenchless methods such as direct pipe, and microtunneling, FRP pipes are used because the jacking pressure required to drive the pipe is significantly reduced owing to its smooth outer surface.

FRP PIPES & Frp Fittings are now being accepted all over in Chemical,Petroleum, Gas, Water Transportation, Sea Water, Sewerage, etc. FRP Fittings are competing with conventional material like Ductile Iron, Epoxy Coated MS, PVC, HDPE because of its major advantage of being non- corrosive in nature and long life with proper soloction of resin. FRP Fittings are ranging from 200 mm dia up to 2600 mm dia and capable of withstanding prossures up to 30 bars, are now being used commonly in the desalination industry. FRP Fittings have an inherent advantage of high corrosion resistance to sea water, cold water for power plants,chlorine/acid and brine solutions. They can operate continuously at higher temperatures and installation can be done above- ground, at sub- sea level as well asunderground for cover dopths of 8 m.Fiberglass reinforced piping systems are time tested because they have proven their durability and value in stony environments and brutal applications fordecades. Following factors lead FRP pipes ahead from any other pipe.

All products can be customized to your needs,so just contact us to learn more details.