Fuchs wheel value

12 Oct.,2022


frp fittings

Just a note, and my opinion only- although the Fuchs wheels look spectacular on any classic Porsche, I can’t get myself to ditch the original 912 worn steel wheels with my dented chrome hubcaps and the tired emblems in the middle. And yes, the price of the Fuchs are high- I’ve had and sold many pairs. I’ve had a multitude of really cool Porsche fitment rims. Also my engine is heavily modified ( but numbers matching) I guess I just like that 68 912 look. One day when I grow up I’ll get a classic 911 ( god willing) and it will be equipped with the Fuchs. Also - I guess I like going to Saturday cruise ins and get invited to park along side the 100,00$ and up Porsches - new snd old. And most guys say “ that’s a proper 912”. Kind of makes me feel good. any wheels that you prefer - are ok with me. Just owning one of these cars makes me pretty happy..