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17 Nov.,2022


Full IP65 High Brightness Touch Monitor

19” Stainless Steel Full IP65/IP66 High Brightness Touch Monitor

In comparison with other types of mechanical housing which rust in high humidity, the stainless chassis displays are anti-corrosive and a ultra-compact mechanical design, providing extra robust structure for severe environment and no need of painting for surface protection. ITD 19 inch Stainless Steel LCD monitor comes with 1000nits high brightness and projected capacitive touch screen which is completely sealed with full IP65/IP66 from all directions enabling clients to use our products in harsh environments such as the swimming pool, harbor and open public locations.


This 19” stainless steel high brightness display come in many different configurations optional. Our waterproof IP65 models come with three special IP65 connectors (VGA/HDMI, USB, DC 12V) that required screw-on adapter cables to provide external connectivity.




●10 multi touch projected capacitive touch screen integrated

●19" TFT XGA LCD, 1280 x 1024, 1000 nits, LED backlight

●NEMA4 (Full IP65/IP66) protection make it dust and water proof 

●Good corrosion resistance 

●Fully IP65 sealed connectors and cables protection



●Food processing plant automation control

●Kitchen application

●Chemical plant or laboratory

●Clinical area / pharmaceutical / medical

●Operating and monitoring in Oil, Gas & Energy industry

●Industrial automation control in slaughtering house

●Factory Automation

●Business Lobby

●Museum Entrance

●Aerospace Center

●Aviation Center

●Tourist Information Center

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