Litemax High Bright Panel PC Range

17 Nov.,2022


Full IP65 High Brightness Touch Monitor

The Litemax high brightness panel PC (bright screen) and High Bright Panel PCs has been designed to included IP65 front panel, and fanless system operation overcome the potential problems of operation in harsher and demanding environments. This could include optical interference caused by reflection, refraction and scattering of light, dust, water, or the potential rapid change in temperature and / or high humidity. The range is particularly well suited to many applications including access and control markets as well as modern smart access control systems, managing building efficiency systems, making this an ideal solution for companies looking to increase their operational efficiencies and reliability. The sleek, elegant design with ultra-low power consumption adds real value to our customers and the end users.

CDS also provides an extensive displays and optoelectronics portfolio with custom design services for specific display assembly requirements. CDS also has in-house UK based clean room conditions for touchscreen integration or repair. We also operate as a service centre for our clients for these Litemax products.

The CDS technical team ensure the optimum quality from the motherboard manufacturers, mainboards to monitor high brightness from all its portable touch monitors and open frame capacitive touch screens, plus resistive touch screens and focus in on touch sensitive screen definitions, SBC displays, and Single Board computer LCDs etc. 

If you are not sure which Industrial Panel PC to choose, simply call one of our technical experts or email to ‘discuss’ your requirements and we will recommend the best solution for you and your environment.  We have excellent in-depth product knowledge and really love to help with customer projects.  We have sample and loan stock of bright screens available and would gladly meet with you to demonstrate the technology or send you a sample for evaluation in these socially distanced times.

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