Company introduces new super premium efficiency motors

27 Oct.,2022


IE3 Motor

Brazilian motor and controls manufacturer WEG’s South African subsidiary Zest WEG has introduced its new WEG IE4-rated super-premium efficiency motor to the South African market.

The motor, available in the size range between 37 kW and 355 kW, is being phased into the company’s WEG W22 range from April, at no price premium to the IE3 premium efficiency units.

Specified under the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 60034-30-1:2014 standard, IE1 refers to standard efficiency, IE2 to high efficiency and IE3 to premium efficiency, while IE4 ratings are for super-premium efficiency motors.

While South Africa has not regulated the use of energy efficient motors at the level of IE2 or IE3, Zest WEG embarked on a mission to bring higher efficiency motors into the country to save its customers costs and continue to reduce the load on the national electricity grid.

In 2015, Zest WEG introduced its WEG IE3 motors to the country at little or no additional cost relative to its IE2 motors, bringing an increase in energy efficiency of between 1% and 3%, depending on the size, compared with the standard efficiency IE1 motors.

“After many years of success supplying the IE3 motors at reduced pricing, Zest WEG has released the next level IE4 Super Premium W22 motor range from 225 to 355 frames (37 kW and up) as part of the commitment to a more efficient and sustainable world,” Zest WEG electric motors manager Fanie Steyn tells Engineering News.

“The efficiency of 96.3% on an IE4-rated 110 kW motor, when compared with 94.1% on an IE1-rated motor, can save users hundreds of thousands of rands in energy costs over a ten-year period,” he says.

This will have a significant impact on energy savings for all industries, enable bottom-line savings for customers and help reduce the load on the national grid amid rapidly rising electricity costs, with energy prices rising above R1/kWh for the first time in 2021, and supply restrictions.

“Not only will these IE4 motors be more cost effective to run, but they have been designed with a number of new features that bring considerable benefits.”

The WEG IE4 super-premium efficiency motors meet IEC efficiency levels when running on 50 to 100% of load and efficiency is kept constant, which saves energy and ensures minimal losses through various loading points.

The innovative frame design also allows maximum heat dissipation.

“Motor frame design plays a crucial role in thermal performance, as it is responsible for the outward transfer of heat generated inside the motor. Running cooler means that our motors have increased life spans, allowing Zest WEG to offer a five-year guarantee on our WEG W22 electric motor range,” says Steyn.

The motors’ increased mechanical rigidity affords easier installation, higher mechanical stiffness and improved distribution of the mechanical thrust imposed by the load.

The flexible terminal box mounting means reduced inventory and quicker modification.

The terminal box can be rotated in 90° increments to facilitate supply cable connection orientated to the front, rear, top or either side of the motor.

For increased energy savings and further cost savings, the super-premium efficiency motors can be coupled with WEG Variable Speed Drives (VSD).

“More than 60 % of all industry applications of electric motors are pumps and fan applications, where the parabolic curve in efficiency allows for the largest, energy savings most easily achieved with a VSD,” he explains.

Further, the motors can be equipped with solutions such as the WEG Motor Scan Solution and Gateway.

The WEG Motor Scan Solution entered South Africa’s market late in 2018, equipping industry with predictive and preventive maintenance capabilities for their electric motors.

Gateway, which is a software and hardware solution launched internationally mid-2019, will extend the performance of the WEG Motor Scan sensor and further optimise the preventive maintenance and monitoring of electric motors and driven equipment.

“We are excited to build on the phenomenal reputation of the existing WEG W22 electric motor range by offering an even more efficient motor that is truly the next level in electric motors,” Steyn concludes.