Amana PTC123G35AXXX PTAC 11,700 BTU 10.5 EER Air Conditioner with 3.5 kW Heater

04 Nov.,2022


PTC Air Conditioner

Overview for Amana PTC123G35AXXXFrom the beginning, every Amana brand product has been made with the same core philosophy: to provide our customers with high-quality products that are reliable, meet their needs, and last longer than the rest. And we keep that philosophy firmly in mind as we build our industry-leading Amana brand Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs) and other heating and cooling products. Whether you are in the hotel/hospitality industry or provide assisted living services, Amana brand PTACs are designed to simplify your business with plain-and-simple product durability and advanced energy management features, while helping you to create the best environmental experience possible for your customer. Keeping these promises is top-priority through all stages of the production of Amana brand PTACs, from idea development through to finished product production. While we update the look of our Amana brand PTACs periodically, the components and internal assembly represent the result of a gradual evolution from the first Amana brand PTAC manufactured over 30 years ago. We focus on continual product improvement; the only new product concepts that make the cut are those that deliver valuable customer benefits.

  • Wall Sleeve Sold Separately.

  • Grille Sold Separately.

  • Versatile Style that blends into any room's color scheme and decor

  • Easy to Service with On-Board LED Diagnostics

  • DigiSmart Wireless Remote Thermostat is available

  • Remote Temperature Sensing for guest climate control

  • Extended Heat Pump Heating down to as low as 24F outdoor ambient temperature

  • Zero Floor Clearance allows unit to be installed flush to a finished floor

  • 30-Second Fan-Off Delay

  • Compressor Lock-In prevents compressor short-cycling

  • Constant Fan Mode

  • Hidden Ventilation Control

  • High-Pressure Switch

  • Quiet Operation: STC of 28

  • Assembled in the USA for 30 years

  • Increased Dehumidification Capacity

  • 100% Run Tested at our plant in Fayetteville, TN, for leaks

  • 7" Unit Front Depth: one of the shallowest silhouettes in the industry today

  • Removable Condenser Shroud allows easy access to enable regular cleaning of coils

  • Easy Pull-Out Filters that are washable and easy to maintain

  • Filter Dryer for Sealed System Refrigerant

  • 7-Button Touch Pad provides complete control to guests for in-room comfort while maintaing energy efficiency

  • Condensate Dispersion System removes condensate from indoor cooling operation and evaporates it into the atmosphere through the condenser

  • DigiSmart Front Desk Control and energy management software

  • Room Freeze Protection is activated when the unit senses temperatures of 40 Degrees Fahrenheit or below

  • Our SKU number(s): Amana PTC123G35AXXX

  • The manufacturer model number(s): Amana PTC123G35AXXX

  • Product Note

    PTAC units require a wall sleeve and exterior grille for functionality. These can be found under the "Recommended Accessories" tab.