Low frequency transformer

12 Nov.,2022


Low Frequency Transformer

Reliable Manufacturing Techniques.

●With more than 30years in the industry, the creation of fully customized products is our specialties.

  1.Lamination Core Size: EI35 ~ EI-190
  2.PC mount or Chassis Mount
  3.Bobbin types: Single ,Two or Split Section
  4.Wire Leads or Any types of Terminations
  5.Channel Frame or L. .bracket.

●Electrical Characteristics
  1.Primary rated Voltage:  25V ~ 480V,  
  2.Input Frequency:  50HZ, 60HZ, 50/60HZ, 400HZ  
  3.Secondary Rated Voltage:  6000V.Max.  Rated Current:  70 Amp.Max. 
  4.Dielectric Strength: (withstand without breakdown): 4000V max. 
  5.All products are “RoHS” complaint.
  6.Our Quality Transformers are conforming to the UL, CSA, TUV, VDE 
     standard depending on customer’s requirement.