How long can outdoor artificial plants last?

15 Sep.,2022


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What are materials of artificial plants?

Silk plants and flowers

Silk materials are not meant to be kept outdoors. Rain, sunlight and other outdoor environments will damage the fibers and dye. It is designed for indoor decorations.

Polyester plants

Polyester is a material commonly used for outdoor decoration. Because of its tough texture, it is not easy to wear. Outdoor elements such as dirt or hard objects will not easily damage the fiber. Polyester plants also have a natural anti-mold function, so you don’t have to worry about its dye or texture being affected in rainy days.

Polyethylene plants

Polyethylene is one kind of material that can withstand outdoor weather, so you can keep them outside as you like. Generally, artificial plants are made of PE material.

Many artificial plant manufacturers now produce UV-resistant artificial plants. One of the biggest advantages is that these kinds of products can not only be placed outdoors, but are especially designed for outdoor use.

These products are added with anti-UV additives when they are produced. They have natural anti-UV capabilities and are designed to prevent fading or breakage. No matter the temperature or weather, these kinds of outdoor artificial plant lasts longer and stays new and fresh.