Real Touch Flowers – FAQ

15 Sep.,2022


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What are real touch flowers  and what are they made of?

Real touch flowers are an artificial flower that are very realistic both in look and feel. They are made out of a latex type polymer and are not silk.

High quality real touch flowers are made from the polymer being poured into a mold so that  they take on the veining and shape of real flowers.  Some real touch flowers are also created by coating a silk flower with the product – this is done when extra sturdiness is required.

Are real touch flowers  available in Canada?

Real touch flowers are available in Canada and are mainly imported by wholesalers to Canada from China. You can not find real touch flowers in  craft stores and  those advertised as real touch are not the same quality.  Destination or Not Bridal Bouquets have researched many distributors to ensure that only the highest quality flowers are used in your bridal bouquet.

What types of real touch flowers are available?

Real touch traditional wedding flowers include peonies, roses, ranunculus, gerber daisies, anemones, hydrangea, tulips, mums, gardenias and dahlias.


Real touch tropical wedding flowers include calla lilies, phalaenopis orchids, cymbidium orchids, vanda orchids, dendrobium orchids,  bird of paradise, plumeria (or frangipanis), daylilies, tigerlilies to name a few.


Will people be able to tell that I have a Real Touch or Artificial Wedding Bouquet?

Only if they look very closely.  Most high quality real touch flowers will fool even a botanist or florist unless carefully scrutinized.


What is the cost of a real touch bouquet?

Typically, a real touch bouquet will cost the same as a real fresh flower bouquet.  In some lines of the tropical real touch wedding flowers, the cost will be slightly less.  Bouquets will range in price from $90.00 to $200 for  a bridal bouquet.

Will real touch flowers wilt, fade or discolour?

Real touch flowers will not wilt.  The flowers made fade in vibrancy over time if left exposed to sunlight.  Some white real touch flowers will absorb oils and can appear to turn yellowish if left exposed to kitchen grease or greasy dust.