What Are Real Touch Flowers

15 Sep.,2022


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What Are Real Touch Flowers?

Over a thousand different species of artificial flowers are imported and available in the USA today. Flowers by Design has only accepted 31 varieties from selected manufacturers, as Real Touch flowers.

Real Touch is not a brand name, nor a product license. As a consumer, you should be aware that any company can use the name Real Touch.


What qualities earn the name Real Touch from Flowers by Design?

  1. The flower is botanically accurate and manufactured to the highest-quality standards, giving it an ultra-realistic look.

  2. The petals & leaves have true-touch texture and vibrant, true-to-life colors. This is created several different ways:

    1. The silk flower is coated with a mixture of liquid polymers, using a patented process from Asia. This is applied in layers, so the flowers remain supple & flexible. Most Real Touch flowers are made this way.

    2. The silk flower is molded from foam, in a patented process. These are sold under the brand name Floramatique. However, the foam has limitations in replicating delicate petals and intricate flowers. While dozens of floral species are sold under the Floramatique brand, we have only selected Amaryllis, Calla Lilies, Casablancas and Fuji Mums as Real Touch flowers.

    3. Orchids are a special case, because the flower petals are thicker and need more structure. Real Touch orchid flowers may be made of latex or more rigid polymers.

Our Real Touch Guarantee


Here is our quality pledge. We apply the strictest standards when we sell flowers under the name Real Touch. We offer a full money-back guarantee on all our merchandise.

We specialize in offering Real Touch flowers and maintain a sizeable inventory to meet your needs. We constantly search importers and tradeshows for new Real Touch flowers. This season, only a handful of new Real Touch flowers were selected for addition to our website.

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