15 Sep.,2022


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Why use Natural Touch and Silk Flowers for your Wedding?

We know that most people would think this is an absolutely crazy idea. But that is until they see what Silk Wedding Flowers look like today.

We hear all the time "not even the photographer knew!" And that is the best compliment we can get!

You will be able to keep your Silk or Real Touch Bouquet for ever, (I still have mine n my daughter's room), and give away as keepsakes all bouquets to your bridesmaids and boutonnieres to your dad and groomsmen.

What's the difference between what WE call Silk Flowers, Soft Touch and Natural Touch Flowers? (Other vendors have other names, but we classify our flowers in 3 Categories)

- Soft Touch Flowers are what the industry is leaning towards to because of the wider variety of flowers and colors this quality offers. These flowers are extremely realistic looking and realistic to the eye. The best way to describe them would be a very thin petal, soft and amazing color reproduction. They can be dyed to any color. These do not have a waxy coating.

- Natural Touch Flowers have a thicker petal with more texture and are amazingly realistic to the touch. The color/flower variety is not as wide. They can be dyed but they might also bleed into other colors if dyed, specially in darker colors. Keeping within in the standard available colors is the best choice here. The stems are also amazingly realistic.

NOTE: There is no price difference between Natural & Soft Touch Flowers . They both have the same cost per stem from our Suppliers, and therefore the same cost in a bouquet.

They both have the same durability and even though you might have a preference in look and feel, it really comes down to the type of flower and color you are looking for. If getting specific colors and flowers is your priority we will work with both types. You won't be disappointed by either of them!

- Specialty/Silk Flowers Many Flowers do not come in either Natural or Soft Touch , like Fillers, but are available in a High grade of Silk Flowers. The color reproduction and attention to details is what makes these flowers such a wonderful choice. They look almost as good as Soft Touch Flowers and the only difference is to the touch. But at a lower price point and with a much larger availability of flowers and colors, this is a perfect flower by itself or mixed with Soft/Natural Touch flowers to achieve a specific color mix or look. Some of these flowers have a HIGHER cost than natural touch flower since they have a higher amount of petals or because of the color mixing.

What are the standard flowers we use?

We use realistic looking reproductions in an array of materials. We look among our suppliers for the best option available for each individual Flower and Color. So some of our roses are Velvet, some are Silk. Even though there is really no Silk in the flowers known as "Silk Flowers".

We use Grade 4 and Grade 5 flowers in our arrangements. Some items will include Grade 3 flowers to keep the prices affordable. For example some Pews or Garlands will have them since they won't be seen up close and these are items that are ordered in large quantities. Please keep in mind Craft Stores carry mostly Grade 2 and some Grade 3 Flowers.

All of the "Standard Silk" arrangement you see in our website can be Upgraded to Natural Touch, Soft Touch or Specialty Flowers. Please note that when Upgrading there will be some color and flower shape adjustments. The Same Shape/Shade will most probably not be available in a different quality. But we will maintain the same design look and match the color as close as possible to the sample online or a swatch that you may mail us.

Our Upgrade Options:

1- Specialty Flowers: The cost of this upgrade is 30% to 60% above the list price for items that don't already have Specialty Flowers in them. So if the list price is $50, the cost of the Specialty Flower Bouquet would be $65 to $80.

2- Soft Touch or Natural Touch Flowers. The cost of this upgrade is between 50% an 80% above the list price for items that don't already have Natural Touch or Specialty Flowers in them. So if the list price is $50, the cost of the Real Touch Bouquet would be between $75 and $90. This is still a much better price than other websites that sell real Touch Bouquets for $180!

Natural Touch, Soft Touch & Specialty Flowers and Color Choices:

Natural Touch Roses: Off White, Cream, Light Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Orange, Coral/Peach, Purple, Blue, Lilac and Yellow.

Soft Touch Roses: Off White, Cream, Hot Pink, Blush Pink, Lavender, Purple, Plum, Burgundy, Yellow, Red, Blue, Turquoise, Green & Can be Dyed!

Natural Touch & Floramatique Callas: Any Color! We custom Dye these Callas!

Natural Touch Gerberas: Orange, Red, Yellow, Off White, Pink, Fuchsia. Other Colors can be Dyed .

Natural Touch Tulips: Any Color! We can dye them!

Natural Touch Lilies: Stargazer Pink, Light Pink, Yellow, Orange, Coral, Off White.

Natural Touch Orchids: Off White, Green, Pink, Fuchsia, Orange, Purple.

Natural Touch Peonies: Hot Pink, Off White.

Soft Touch Peonies:
Pink, Fuchsia, Off White, Yellow. They Can be Dyed.

Specialty/Soft Touch Hydrangeas: Off White, Periwinkle, Royal Blue, Lavender, Red, Green, Pink.

Natural Touch Plumerias: Pink, Tropical Punch, Light Pink, Pink Edge, White, Yellow Center, Fuchsia, etc.