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14 Nov.,2022


Solid Braided Rope

COTTON: Cotton is hard to beat for handling quality,. It is soft and pliable, and easy on the hands. Since it is a natural fiber, it does not have the strength or durability of synthetic fiber ropes. It is used for sash cord, clothesline, and Venetian blind cord.

MANILA: Manila is made from natural fibers. At one time, it was the best rope fiber available. Manila must be handled and stored with care as dampness will cause it to rot.

NYLON: Nylon is a synthetic fiber rope. Due to its elasticity, nylon can absorb sudden shock loads that would break ropes of other fibers. It has very good resistance to abrasion and will last four to five times longer than natural fiber ropes. Nylon rope does not rot and is not damaged by oils, gasoline, grease, marine growth or most chemicals other than acids.

POLYESTER: A very strong synthetic rope with excellent abrasion resistance. Polyester does not have the stretch and elasticity of nylon. Polyester is superior to nylon with respect to cycle loading and abrasion.

POLYETHYLENE: A floating rope somewhat like polypropylene but slightly heavier. Polyethylene’s handling characteristics are a little different than polypropylene. Not quite as strong as Polypropylene size for size, but has better abrasion resistance. Available in twisted and hollow braid construction.

POLYPROPYLENE (Poly): Lightweight and strong. It is a floating rope and is rot proof and unaffected by water, oil, gasoline, and most chemicals. Polypropylene rope is available in monofilament fiber, which is smooth surfaced, or multifilament fiber, which has a somewhat velvety appearance and feel.

UNMANILA®: Unmanila is constructed from polypropylene fiber with the rich, golden tan color of manila rope. The surface of the rope has the texture of manila with soft hair-like fibers. It holds a knot extremely well and provides an excellent gripping surface to minimize slippage. It has all the advantages of the modern synthetics, plus the rope color that many people like. It is rot proof, water proof and not damaged by oil, gasoline or most chemicals. In addition, it floats on the surface of water.