Top 7 Best Roller Extension Pole for Painting in 2022

24 Oct.,2022


christmas lights pole extension

50 foot extension pole

christmas lights pole extension

50 foot extension pole


Whether you’re moving into an old house or renovating your current one, painting can be a chore.

If you’ve ever attempted to paint a ceiling or a far-off nook or cranny, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

While paint rollers are great at getting the job done in easy-to-reach locations, they can be difficult to use when painting locations that are a bit more out of reach.

For this reason, it’s time that you got familiar with painting extension poles.

In this guide, we’ll tell you exactly what they are and how they are used so that you can get the most out of your next paint job.

What’s more, we’ll examine the best options currently on the market so you can find the one that’s right for you!

What are Painting Extension Poles?

Let’s start by answering a simple question: what exactly is a painting extension pole?

Simply put, these are devices designed to connect to the ends of paint rollers to allow individuals easier access to hard-to-reach locations.

The good thing is you can also use them with a paintbrush or a paint sprayer.

With a painting extension pole, you can paint a ceiling or other tall area without the use of a ladder and reach those tricky spots around the room more easily.

Painting extension poles come in a variety of sizes and lengths, so you’ll want to find the one that’s best for you.

Coming up, we’ll go over what you should look for and the best painting extension poles on the market to make your search a bit easier.


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Best Paint Roller Extension Poles

Because they are simple to use and highly effective, a painter’s extension pole offers a variety of options when you need to accomplish a particular task.

Keeping this in mind, let’s now go over the best painting extension poles out there:

1- DocaPole 6-24 Foot Extension Telescopic Pole


DocaPole 30 ft Reach, 6 to 24 ft Telescoping Extension...
  • The Only Telescoping Extension Pole You'll Ever Need: Extends from 7...
  • New Dual-Tip Equipment: Straight metal tip will stand up to any task,...
  • Easy To Store and Transport: Easily put in the house's broom closet or...

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With a full length of 24 feet, the DocaPole 6-24 Foot Extension Pole is one of the longest on the market.

Use this device for the toughest of paint or cleaning jobs.

The product is made from a lightweight material and comes with a dual tip that makes every job that much easier.

The standard metal tip is durable and connects to just about anything, while the multi-angle tip, which slides right over the metal tip, can be used for over 180-degrees of rotation.

This makes the DocaPole 6-24 Foot Extension Pole one of the most versatile in the market.

What’s more, the retractable length of six feet makes this product easy to store and carry.

For this reason, consider buying it yourself today!

2- Mr. LongArm 3212 Pro-Pole Extension Pole

Mr. Long Arm 3212 Pro Extension Pole, 6-to-12-Feet
  • Fluted fiberglass handle for a comfortable grip in any climate
  • Medium duty pole with 1-1/16-Inch composite fiberglass handle
  • 7/8-Inch anodized aluminum slider won’t rust

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The Mr. LongArm 312 Pro-Pole Extension Pole may not have the length of the aforementioned DocaPole (in fact, its length stops at just half of the former’s), but it’s a great pole in its own right.

Though it’s made of an ultra-light composition, it rarely breaks.

The end is made of universal nylon, with the majority of the structure being composed of a 1”-1/6” composite fiberglass handle and a 7/8” tube.

The connector tip on this device is made of plastic and connects well with a variety of different paint rollers and cleaning supplies.

If you’re looking for an efficient device that has a pretty standard length, you can’t go wrong with this product from one of the best in the business!

3- Purdy 140855661 Power Lock Professional Grade Extension Pole

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The Purdy 140855661 Power Lock Professional Grade Extension Pole is one of the best products on the market for a reason.

For starters, the Purdy pole can be locked at the length you desire which offers greater convenience when painting or cleaning.

What’s more, the device can connect to any tool that uses an acme threaded frame and all tools that are part of the Purdy quick connect system.

Added to this, there is a great shock-absorbent rubber base that allows for superior grip and wards off fiberglass blowout.

This makes it one of the safest products out there and a good option for those who are planning to use the pole extensively.

4- Unger Professional Connect & Clean Telescopic Multi-Purpose Pole

Unger Professional Connect & Clean 7 - 20 Foot...
  • Extend your reach 7.5 to 20 feet with this 3-stage telescoping...
  • Great for hard-to-reach surfaces, like high outdoor windows, without...
  • Anodized aluminum construction is strong but lightweight, ideal for...

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This three-stage pole allows you to reach anywhere from 90 inches to 20 feet.

This makes it one of the most retractable and versatile that you can find.

The Unger Professional Connect & Clean Telescopic Pole is fantastic for a variety of household jobs, including painting.

Lightweight, the product is constructed of anodized aluminum for extra durability.

The product comes with a cone that will securely hold tools and a tip that allows for versatile attachment.

When it comes to functionality, it’s hard to beat this model from Unger.

Still, it’s one of the pricier items on this list, so you’ll want to make sure it’s in your budget before buying.

5- Wooster Brush R091 Sherlock GT Convertible Extension Pole


Wooster Brush R091 Sherlock GT Convertible Extension...
  • Special bayonet Grip Tip holds Wooster tools in place so they cannot...
  • R042 Conversion Tip stores in the end of the grip to make all threaded...
  • Instantly change tools with one push on the fiberglass reinforced...

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With an R042 Conversion tip, the Wooster Brush SR091 Sherlock GT Convertible Extension Pole is compatible with all threaded tools.

This makes it one of the most versatile anywhere on the market.

Whether you’re using this for painting or cleaning, you can use the fiberglass-backed lever to change tools instantaneously.

What’s more, a bayonet grip is provided with this Wooster paint roller extension pole to hold all Wooster tools exactly where they are.

The inner pole is shaped like a hexagon and made of aluminum, which prevents twisting.

Just as amazing, the pole is highly adjustable, giving you the opportunity to adjust it every six inches.

To lock the system in place, simply use your thumb. Without a doubt, this durable pole is one of the best that money can buy!

6- Shur-Line 812017 Aluminum Painting Extension Pole Adjustable


Shur-Line 812017 29-inch to 61-inch Aluminum Painting...
  • RUGGED ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTION: Built with rugged aluminum, this...
  • EXTENSION: With an adjustable extension scope, this painter's pole...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Although the aluminum construction is designed for...

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The shortest option on this list, the Shur-Line 812017 (6570L) Easy Reach Adjustable Extension Pole ranges from 2.5 to 5 feet for easy storage and effective painting.

The lock the pole into place, one simply has to press down on the level.

The tip is threaded with ¾-5 acme thread that works with products from the Shur-Line brand.

Importantly, this model comes with an affordable price tag and multi-gliding that make it optimal for painting.

If you have an indoor painting job coming up, be sure to check out this incredible model!

7- Premier 4′ – 8′ Extension Pole w/External Twist Lock

Premier 4' - 8' Extension Pole w/External Twist Lock,...
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel and fiberglass pole with threaded metal tip
  • Extends from 4-feet to 8-feet
  • Heavy-duty external lock holds position when you twist clockwise,...

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Ranging from 4 to 8 feet, this pole is great for painting both indoors and outdoors.

It comes with an interesting external twist locking mechanism that allows you to lock the pole into places with a twist of the hands.

Crafted from stainless steel and fiberglass, this is a heavier model but one that does the job effectively. Even the tip is made from threaded metal.

In order to use the lock, the product must be twisted clockwise.

You’ll find that a variety of tools can fit with the tip at the top, making this a great device for chores other than painting.

What’s more, you’ll love the comfortable grip and cheap price of this item.

Why Use a Painter’s Extension Pole?

There are good reasons why you should use a painter’s extension pole to engage in a variety of tasks.

Over the past several years, I have used a painter’s extension pole not only for painting but for a variety of tasks.

From household chores to taking pictures overhead to using it as an extension for your action camera, a painter’s extension pole offers a great deal of versatility.

But for the most part, you will be using the pole to help you achieve everyday household chores that otherwise require a ladder.

Ladders can be cumbersome to set up and use, not to mention that they can be dangerous as well if you fall off.

An extension pole can accomplish many of the same tasks while not exposing you to danger.

Plus, they are usually easier to set up compared to a ladder for painting. In addition to painting, an extension pole offers many other uses as well;

  • Dusting
  • Cleaning
  • Brushing
  • Squeezing & More

If you need to accomplish a task that is not within reach without a ladder, then getting an extension pole should be considered.

There are extension poles that can reach up to 24 feet and even longer, although for indoor work you most likely will not need one of that length.

Still, for painting surfaces that may be 24 or more feet up, you should consider an extension pole.

1- Safety:

An extension pole should be considered if the area itself is unsafe to use a ladder.

This means not having enough of a wall surface to support the ladder or uneven ground that makes standing on a ladder dangerous.

2- Speed:

Another factor why many painters, including me, consider using extension poles is the speed at which they work.

Setting up an extension pole for a paint roller, for example, takes a fraction of the time compared to setting up a ladder.

Plus, you can maneuver the paint roller easier and without fear of falling since you are still on the ground.

3- Prevents Injury:

This is an advantage that many people may not realize until they start painting without an extension.

Painting an entire house without an extension means bending and twisting your back to get into the right position.

Using an extension means putting your back under less stress as the roller does the work.

What to Look for When Buying One?

Buying your first painting extension pole? If so, it’s important that you know what to look for.

You want to make sure that you get the device that’s right for you so that you can do a good job and spend within your budget.

In this section, we’ll go over the various factors you should take into consideration when making your purchase:

1- Length

The first thing you’ll want to look for is the length. For starters, your extension pole has to be long enough to get the job done.

This can be tricky if you have high ceilings or are painting really hard-to-reach places.

Knowing this, you don’t want to buy one that’s too long, either, as this can simply make it harder to hold, particularly if it doesn’t have the right kind of locks (more on that later).

2Threaded Tips

You want to make sure that your pole is universally threaded at the tip so that it can connect with a variety of paint rollers without any issue.

Though many companies claim that their products are diverse, the reality is that some are not.

For this reason, be sure to read extensively about your desired model before purchasing.

3- Materials

There are two main types of painting extension poles: light ones and heavy ones.

Heavy ones are great for long-term use, but they do wear on your wrist health.

Also, these aren’t great for extended usage in one setting.

For this reason, consider a lighter one that will be easier on your wrists and easier to maneuver.

Of course, you can always opt for both and only use the lighter one when you begin to feel tired.

The lighter options tend to be made of fiberglass or aluminum alloy, making them great for hours’ long use.


How do you want your extension pole to lock?

Some devices lock at any length, making them convenient and useful in a variety of situations. 

Others have pre-set locks that lock it in at a certain length.

These tend to be cheaper and are also useful if they fit the dimensions of your project.

Then there are also the rollers with a multi-lock positioning, these are perfect for extensions of 8 to 12 feet.

5- Grip

You don’t want a painting extension pole that’s going to leave our hands blistered or calloused.

For this reason, check to make sure that your desired device has padded grips or handholds that will allow you to use it comfortably for hours.

Some devices even come with holes that allow the extension poles to be hung up when done.

If you are looking for this added convenience, make sure to find a device that has this extra feature.

In addition, also check the cost. If possible, set a budget and stay within it to get what you need at the best price.

I’ve found the value of extension poles over the years and use them a lot in my work.

The best one for you depends on how often it will be used, the different attachments, and the overall durability of the pole itself.

How to Use the Extension Pole for Painting?

I’ll admit, it did take a little time for me to properly use the extension, but it was well worth it.

If you are painting interiors and are facing a section of the wall that otherwise requires a ladder, this is the time to get out the extension pole.

Attach the roller frame to the pole and put the paint tray far enough away so you do not have to twist or reposition yourself to use it.

You’ll want to roll the paint on from top to bottom in long, even strokes.

Do not use a zig-zag pattern as the results do not look nearly as flattering.

I found out the hard way that exteriors are a little different.

This is especially true if you have lap siding. You may need a short ladder and a shorter extension pole.

By doing so, you can paint lap siding sideways and save yourself time as you do not have to move the ladder nearly as often.

7 Tips for Painting with a Paint Roller Extension Pole

If you have never used an extension pole for a paint roller before, you might be a little surprised by how it works in your hands.

Because the center of gravity changes, it is not like using a standard paint roller with the weight close to your hand.

Instead, you will need to make some adjustments.

What follows are 7 tips that will help you better control your paint roller extension pole when in use.

1- Clean the Extension

Keep the extension poles and their parts clean. Look for any paint or other debris that might get inside.

A wet rag is good for latex paints while you’ll need some thinner for oil-based paints.

After painting, check the extensions and clean them properly.

2- Don’t Over Tighten the Chuck

Do not push hard when painting or loading the roller, just let the roller do the work.

Grip the pole below the collet when locking or unlocking the piece you want to slide.

Then tighten the chuck until it does not slide, but do not overtighten or you might damage the pole itself.

3- Even Distribution

You do not want to overload the roller with too much paint.

Instead, focus on even distribution as it makes the roller easier to control.

Less paint means less weight at the top, so you can get better results in fewer tries when you keep the paint on the roller even.

One additional tip is to avoid dry rolling which can create an uneven paint job.

4- Gentle Lean

When on the fullest extension and painting the top of the wall, hold the pole vertical and close to the surface until you are ready to paint.

Once in position, let gravity lean the roller to the wall and then move it in the direction you want.

Do not press or force the roller against the wall.

5- Grip the Middle

In other words, you should place one hand on the middle part of the extension near its connection point to the top.

And the other hand (on the middle part) is near its connection to the lower part of the extension.

This will let you grip the long extension easier and provide maximum control.

When reloading the paint, make sure that you grip the section next to the nap or foam roller and the other hand on the middle section.

This will make it easier to control.

6- Work Your Way Up

For maximum efficiency, start at the lowest point and work your way up the wall.

This will allow you to get used to the extension and paint more evenly as a result.

7- Choose Standard Length

You do not need a long-handled paint roller.

Instead, use one with a standard handle as that is the length the extensions were made to use.

Plus, choose the one that is most comfortable for your project.

Or else it will take much time and effort on the wall you are painting.

At last, when you have finished using the pole, make sure that you clean and store it properly.

When putting the extensions away for a while, take off the paint roller and collapse it as much as you can so it becomes its shortest length.

Accessories You Can Use with a Roller Extension Pole

The versatility of the extension pole means that you can use them for tasks apart from painting.

If you have the right accessories, this means that you can do more work in less time.

I’ve discovered that the following accessories have saved me many hours of work when using them with the extension pole.

1- Brush Holder

This attachment allows you to cut a straight line once you get in a little practice.

This means that high ceilings and stairwells that require a paintbrush first can be handled with this paintbrush extender attachment before you switch over to the roller.

Remember, if you plan to attach a paintbrush to the extension pole you should get the right paintbrush that screws into the extension pole – your regular paintbrush may not fix.

2- Push Broom

This is really handy as you do not need a separate push broom.

Instead, you can simply apply the attachment and use it when you need to brush away ceilings or walls of dust.

3- Duster

Getting at cobwebs can be annoying and time-consuming.

I’ve found that using the cobweb duster attachment lets me clean the corners of the wall and ceiling quickly and easily.

This has saved me many hours over the painting jobs that I have performed.

Plus, it keeps me clean of the dust from the cobwebs.

4- Window Scrubber

The combination of scrubber and squeegee means that windows can be cleaned with ease, especially after a power washing.

The squeegee is perfect for removing the water after the power washing has been done.

5- Paint Scraper

There are certain scrapers (as manufactured by Warner and Husky) that are made to fit on an extension pole.

And these are great to use when you want to scrape old peeling paint at heights.

6. Spray Gun

Just like paintbrushes and rollers, certain telescoping extension poles also come with an attachment with which you can easily hold an airless paint sprayer or a paint spray gun.

This makes spraying the paint very easy at heights without the need of using any ladders.

The Bottom Line

The right painting extension pole can make any paint job a whole lot easier!

Knowing this, be sure to use the information in this guide to find the one that’s right for your next project.

In this piece, we went over the considerations you must make when buying an adjustable extension pole, as well as covered the best options currently on the market.

So don’t wait! Use this guide to buy one and get to painting!

Jack Luis is a semi-retired painter who loved painting his clients’ ideas on their walls.

He had worked as a painter for more than a decade to serve the customers in areas such as Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Beaufort, Georgetown, SC (South Carolina). Today in his free time, he likes to read and write about the newer techniques that are being implemented in his profession. You may read more about him here or get in touch with him here.

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