How Does Coil Slitting Work?

26 Feb.,2022

​​​​​​​As far as we know, coil slitting is to cut through coiled wide metal sheets into several parts, so as to obtain the narrower metal coils and provide the customers for further applications.


As far as we know, DENICE' is to cut through coiled wide metal sheets into several parts, so as to obtain the narrower metal coils and provide the customers for further applications.


The process of the slitting of metal coils can be simply divided into three steps, which are equivalent to the numbers of the components, including the uncoiling of metal sheets, metal sheets cutting, and recoiling.


● Uncoiling of metal sheets

As the name implies, this process is conducted on the uncoiler. When the wide metal coils are properly set around the uncoiler with the consistent width, inside diameter, and outside diameter, as well as the speed of the uncoiler, the uncoiler would start releasing the metal sheets to the conveyer and allow it to deliver the metal sheets to the slitter afterward.

Coil Slitting Line

Coil Slitting Line


● Metal sheets cutting

Once the metal sheets are uncoiled and sent to the slitter by the conveyer, the series of sharp circular blades that are supposed to be set under the metal sheets would start cutting them. In addition to the parameters that should be followed as the uncoiler, the motion of cutting is given by the compressive force of the slitter.


When the metal sheets are sent to the slitter on the blades, the slitter would provide a compressive force that pushes on the metal sheets in order to achieve the cuts. Once this compressive force is given, the metal sheets would be divided into narrower coils as the width of the intervals between the blades.


● Recoiling

After the workpieces are made as narrower coils, they would be sent to the final stop of the coil slitting machine, which is the recoiler, by the conveyer. When the recoiler receives the metal coils, it would help roll these coils again and lead to the completion of the end products.

Coil Slitting Line

Coil Slitting Line

In this procedure, the speed of the delivery of coils matters a lot. Since the workpieces here have been separated into thinner parts but remain long as well, whether all these coils are sent to the recoiler with the same speed or not would determine the perfection of the final coils. Therefore, during the process of coil slitting, it is necessary to have the operators supervise and adjust the machine when it is needed, so as to make sure the process goes smoothly without problems.


A recoiler collects and recoils the mults at the end of a slitting line. The setup of the recoiler should synchronize with the slitter machine so that the mults can be well recoiled. The recoiler is important in specific slitting processes where long mults are produced. However, it is under most circumstances excluded from a slitting line. Since the mults produced in the small workshops or most cut-to-length slitting lines are rather short, there is no use of a recoiler. After the mults recoil, they are packed and sent to the end production line to process.

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