Automatic Dumpling Machines

02 Nov.,2022


Fried Dumpling Machine

Our automatic dumpling machines include the latest in patented technology in pasta processing machines. Our collection of dumpling machines provide solutions to small, medium, and large sized businesses with output capacities that range from 200 kg/hr up to 1200 kg/hr.

Product Types

This collection of machines can produce the following product types: Dumpling, Ravioli, Empanada, Filled Pasta, Manti, Samosa, Pierogi, Pelmeni, Kreplach, Vareniki, Stuffed/Filled Cakes, Mochi, Khinkali, Buuz, Pies, Zrazy, and Chebrueki.

Product Shapes

Our automatic machines are able to produce the following product shapes: Half-moon, Square, Triangle, Round ball/sphere, Ural, Heart, and Fish. Custom and other special images are possible depending upon application.

If you are looking for automatic dumpling machines, Food Pro Tec has your solution! Food Pro Tec is the exclusive equipment distributor of Signal Pack in the USA.