24 Nov.,2022


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Classroom is the epicenter for learning on the school campus. It is a major component that helps nurture knowledge in the education system. it comes in different sizes and shapes which depend on its audience. At the heart of every classroom are the tools teachers use to conduct lectures. Traditional classrooms use conventional blackboards for chalk, markerboard, and overhead projector equipment in other to deliver lectures and learning materials to students. The markerboard and the overhead projector are considered to be outdated technology for many reasons. They are insufficient, hard to maintain, and not environmentally friendly.


Everything changes with the introduction of the smartboard. It revolutionized the classroom setting by putting everything at your fingertips, so you can be more productive. Overall, the smartboard gives teachers abilities to teach and allows students to learn better. Let’s look at the pros and cons of the smartboard.

Smartboard advantages in the classroom

The smartboard is one of the biggest leap in the classroom setting tools for learning. It digitizes everything from PowerPoint contents to interactive learning materials. It reduces the number of devices needed in the classroom setting for effective lectures and connects the classroom with the web. With the 4K display, it surpassed the overhead projector in screen clarity resolution. The smartboard comes with many advantages that help push the boundaries of what is possible in the classroom. Here are some of the advantages that come with the smartboard.

  • Increase students’ interaction and team collaboration
  • Promote real-time videos and audio lessons
  • PowerPoint presentation becoming second nature in the classroom
  • Eraser and board cleaner are things of the past
  • Paperless lesson keeping the environment clean
  • Promote hybrid learning
  • Seamless integration with LMS
  • Save money
  • Eco-friendly

Smartboard disadvantages in the classroom

We can agree that the smartboard is pack with a lot of advantages, but it also comes with some disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is the upfront cost of the device. The price for a smart board can range from $2000 and up, based on the size and company. Here are some of the disadvantages that come with the smartboard.

  • Expensive
  • Costly repair
  • Fragile
  • pen can easily get lost.