Using Smart Boards in the Classroom

24 Nov.,2022


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Using Smart Boards in the Classroom

A number of teachers may not be aware of the benefits of using a Smart Board in the classroom as a teaching tool. While the traditional white board already has everyone’s attention, the electronic device is a new technology that is slowly gaining popularity due to its interactive power.

The digital screen allows images from the computer to be displayed on a board. It can also be modified on the screen itself, using a pen or a highlighting tool. Its touch screen feature allows teachers to run programs directly from the screen simply by tapping the application with her finger and even makes scrolling easy.

Smart Boards are becoming an essential component of every classroom. Some reasons for this trend is that:

  • It can accommodate different learning styles. Tactical learners can use the screen and learn by touching and marking at the board, audio learners can have a discussion and visual learners can observe the teaching on the board.
  • It is neater and does not have the cleanliness hassle and is therefore easier to maintain.

Most teachers understand the “why” but struggle with the “how”. Here are some ideas on how you can use Smart Boards.

  • Use it as a tool for note-taking. Students can come and write important points on the board. Alternately,  you can  appoint a student to type out notes on the computer while you talk, so that the other students can view and take them down.
  • Brainstorming in the classroom can be fun with a Smart Board. You can not only put together text/ ideas but also images, diagrams or videos.
  • Classroom games can be played with ease on the board. Board games in particular can be played on the board itself.
  • All forms of media– videos, photographs, graphs, maps, illustrations, games, etc. – can be used on the board, making it incredibly dynamic in nature. This expands the range of content that you can use for teaching or presenting new information.

A lot of new software is available for free on the internet that can be easily integrated. There are many forums and websites that aim  to help teachers by providing Smart Board ideas and activities. Explore these for more ideas.

The Smart Board is tomorrow’s technology and is bound to change the look of classrooms forever. Using smart boards in your classroom can help you stay ahead with technology that could make the education process simpler and perhaps even more productive.

What are some creative ways that you use Smart Boards in your classroom?

From Professional Learning Board’s online continuing education course for teachers: Introduction to Technology for Teachers