7 Best Full Face Scuba Masks (2022 Reviews)

14 Nov.,2022


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The best full face scuba masks are no longer limited to commercial diving, thanks to the ability to protect your face from the icy water and facilitate communicating underwater. And instead of being used only by professional divers, now they are suitable for novice ones as well.

So what is a full-face scuba mask? It is a dive tool having a directly built-in scuba regulator, which differs from that placed in your mouth at traditional masks. Therefore, the full-face scuba masks can reduce jaw fatigue and enable you to talk freely when diving.

And even though they come with quite expensive price tags, they are one of the most worthy investments. If you intend to shop for a model, it would not be easy to get the proper one if you have zero previous experience buying this product line.

But do not worry since I have shortlisted the best full face scuba masks to consider and included a simple buying guide with other useful tips in the following post.

My Top Picks

As its name implies, a full-face scuba mask covers your entire face to give additional protection in icy water or harsh environments. They are the perfect combination between a dive mask and a second-stage scuba regulator, which facilitates communications among divers underwater.

Having done thorough research on the market, I have come with a list of the best full face scuba masks to buy. Below are some models accompanied by their key features for your considerations.

  • Best Overall:

    IST M37 Pegasus

    “Full coverage design, nose pocket, dual tempered glass lenses, reduces jaw fatigue, simple to clear.”
  • Best Budget:

    OTS Spectrum

    “Tinted lens, fits snugly any face type, corrective lens compatible, cold water certified.”
  • Best With Beard:

    OTS Guardian

    “The low profile visor, the ABV valve, mask bag included, a detachable secondary regulator, suitable for long dives.”
  • Best Rated:

    Ocean Reef Unisex Space Extender

    “A dive or pre-dive switch, a surface air valve, Extender earphone included, camera mounting spot.”
  • Best With Communications:

    Ocean Reef Neptune Space G

    “GSM G.divers ultrasonic transceiver, the air circulation system, designed to prevent fogging, easy to get the mask on and off.”
  • Best Value for the Money:

    Dräger Panorama Nova

    “Two built-in nose clips, three connection ports, flat visor, double seal gives an excellent watertight.”

Comparison Chart

If you face a wide range of items and find them all effective and suitable, you need to discover the proper basis to compare them. Hence, I have tailor-made the table below to reveal a few crucial criteria that the best full face scuba masks own.

However, it will be better to read the detailed reviews of each model to ensure more accurate decision-making.

The 7 Best Full Face Scuba Masks Reviews

In order to pick out one excellent model from the top 7 best full face scuba masks, you will need to grab its specifications as well as weigh its pros and cons.

1. IST M37 Pegasus

(Best Overall – Editor’s Choice)

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The IST M37 Pegasus Full Face Mask is highly recommended for scuba divers for some reason. First of all, its compact and simple design makes it easy to use for beginners. The mask also comes with low volume, which provides you great features without adding extra weights.

Thanks to that, it is effortless for you to move underwater even when wearing a bulky scuba BCD. Besides, the IST M37 Pegasus offers you a triple strap that eliminates pinching and helps to keep your head stay in place.

Visibility is one of the leading factors for divers to consider when choosing a full-face model. Luckily, the IST M37 Pegasus with a built-in panoramic view will not let you down. Its dual-lens window made from tempered glass gives you excellent durability and clarity.

More impressively, the lenses are embedded in the rubber matte finishing, which is well-known for reducing reflection, thus, minimizing eyesight obstruction.

Key Features:

  • Full coverage design
  • Nose pocket
  • Adjustable strap
  • Dual tempered glass lenses
  • Rubber skirt
  • Low volume


  • Reduces jaw fatigue
  • Simple to clear
  • Easy to equalize with a nose pocket
  • The customizable belt gives you a better fit
  • The visor offers divers robust construction to use for a long time
  • The huge dual lenses provide you with a wide field of vision


  • The triple strap is not the most rigid
  • Not offers advanced functions for seasoned divers

Product Specifications:

Brand IST Dimension ‎8.35 x 6.14 x 5.24 inches Color Options 2 Size One size fits all Volume Low Weight 15.1 ounces Corrective Lens Compatible Yes Panoramic View Included Yes Fog-Free Technology Included No Cold Water Certified No

2. OTS Spectrum

(Best Budget)

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If you’re looking for a good full-face scuba mask for your next diving while having a budget-friendly option, you should give this OTS Spectrum a try. I believe the superior capabilities and top quality that the item can provide will make you satisfied.

The OTS Spectrum includes a double seal that ensures watertight and fits perfectly with various face sizes. Hence, whether you have a large or small face, the mask can give you ultimate comfort.

The equalization is effortless as well. And you can do that by pinching your nose. Additionally, the OTS Spectrum provides you up to five adjustable straps, so getting a snug fit for your head is just a breeze.

Another amazing thing about the full-face mask is that it works well with numerous second-stage regulator types available on the market. This feature is certainly useful for you to dive with a scuba tank that requires connecting to an air-integrated dive computer.

However, the tinted lens of the OTS Spectrum can cause some restrictions on your visibility.

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Key Features:

  • Five-point head harness
  • Tinted lens
  • Double seal


  • Provides you with a competitive price tag
  • Fits snugly any face type
  • Ideal for cold diving
  • The mask does not cause dry throat
  • Effortless to communicate with dive buddies
  • Compatible with most secondary regulators


  • More cumbersome than most traditional masks

Product Specifications:

Brand OTS Dimension 10 x 9.1 x 5.5 inches Color Options 2 Size One size fits all Weight 2.2 pounds Corrective Lens Compatible Yes Panoramic View Included No Fog-Free Technology Included No Cold Water Certified Yes

Check out this Youtube video of the OTS Spectrum Full Face Mask and see how to attach a second stage regulator into your gear.

Watch Video: How To Install 2nd Stage Regulator Into OTS Spectrum Full Face Mask

3. OTS Guardian

(Best With Beard)

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The OTS Guardian is one of the most common full-face scuba masks among famous models from its brand. The major reason is that it provides divers an intuitive design, first-rate quality, and premium comfort.

Firstly, the OTS Guardian includes a low-profile visor that makes it simple to clear and easy to use, especially for entry-level divers. Moreover, this feature helps to guarantee excellent visibility.

In terms of comfort, the mask is particularly designed to maximize a fantastic experience in cold diving. The full-face design keeps your face warm and allows for breathing naturally through your nose. That’s why your throat will not dry although you have long duration dives.

A poor seal can cause water leakage for your full face mask. Understanding this, the OTS Guardian’s manufacturer created it with an excellent watertight, which helps preserve your breathing air and facilitates hearing ability during communications.

Key Features:

  • The low profile visor
  • The ABV valve
  • Mask bag included
  • A double seal
  • An Equalizing Kit
  • The detachable secondary regulator
  • Multiple color options


  • It can be used by women and men
  • The low profile visor provides magnificent visibility
  • Suitable for long dives and icy water scuba divers
  • Simple to use
  • Comfortable to wear for a long time
  • The mask bag helps the model dry quicker
  • The ABV valve conserves breathing gas in your tank, enabling you to dive longer
  • The removable second-stage regulator makes it easy to maintain and store


  • The Equalizing Kit is a bit uncomfortable compared to other items on this list
  • Requires high price point

Product Specifications:

Brand OTS Dimension 12 x 12 x 10 inches Color Options 6 Size One size fits all Volume Low Weight 4 pounds Corrective Lens Compatible No Panoramic View Included Yes Fog-Free Technology Included Yes Cold Water Certified Yes

Here is a video of the OTS Guardian Full Face Mask with more information on its amazing features and capabilities.

Watch Video: Ots Guardian Fullface Mask Review & Skills

4. Ocean Reef Unisex Space Extender

(Best Rated)

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You’re an experienced diver, and you want to perform more advanced scuba diving techniques? In this case, the Ocean Reef Space Extender will be a great deal. The most notable feature of this full-face mask is its fully customizable design.

The Ocean Reef Space Extender allows you to add accessories like earphones, cameras, and communication devices to enhance your diving experience. Therefore, if you are a new diver now, the mask still serves your needs and grows with your progress.

What’s more, it is the best choice for divers who wear glasses because the mask enables you to use corrective lenses. Besides, the high quality of the visor is a real bonus. I make sure that its ability to resist chemicals and scratches will help you feel secure.

In addition, a switch protecting divers from free flows is another remarkable benefit of the Ocean Reef Space Extender.

Key Features:

  • A dive or pre-dive switch
  • A secondary regulator integrated
  • A surface air valve
  • A polycarbonate visor
  • Extender earphone included
  • Camera mounting spot
  • Directional exhaust valve


  • The built-in second-stage regulator makes it easy to breathe when going deeper
  • The surface air valve helps save breathing gas
  • Two sides of the visor are coated in siloxane resin gives it high durability for long use
  • Offers space for attaching handy accessories like a GoPro and diving lights
  • Compatible with cold water
  • Perfect choice for advanced divers
  • Free mini compass included in the purchase


  • Heavier than most full-face scuba masks on this list
  • The Space Extender’s price is not the most affordable compared to other models reviewed out here

Product Specifications:

Brand Ocean Reef Dimension 8.90 x 10.40 x 12.20 inches Color Options 5 Size S/M, M/L Weight 5.6 pounds Corrective Lens Compatible Yes Panoramic View Included No Fog-Free Technology Included Yes Cold Water Certified Yes

Watch this review video of the Ocean Reef Unisex Space Extender Full Face Diving Mask and decide if its great functionality can make you satisfy.

Watch Video: OceanReef Space Extender Integrated Dive Mask

5. Ocean Reef Neptune Space G

(Best With Communications)

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The Ocean Reef Neptune Space G Full Face Mask enables you to experience natural breathing through your nose. Besides, it can reduce jaw fatigue because the design allows for diving without a mouthpiece.

Along with a simple interface for ease of use, the Ocean Reef Neptune’s visor can increase light transference up to 92%, which helps to maximize your peripheral vision. Additionally, fogging cannot obstruct your view thanks to the mask’s excellent air circulation system as well.

Furthermore, there are up to six customizable head straps to hold the mask firmly. Plus, the Ocean Reef Neptune Space is equipped with an ultrasonic transceiver called GSM G.divers.

The device can allow you to communicate wirelessly in a range of 200-250 meters. However, this underwater wireless communication unit only operates well in calm seawater.

Key Features:

  • An orinasal pocket
  • Up to six adjustable head straps
  • Fast rotating buckle system
  • GSM G.divers ultrasonic transceiver
  • The air circulation system


  • The adjustable head straps give you a perfect fit
  • Suitable for various face sizes
  • The visor is wider and sits closer to your face, offering you a great field of vision
  • The mask is designed to prevent fogging
  • Eliminates jaw fatigue
  • Provides you with a wireless transceiver to communicate with the surface
  • Easy to get the mask on and off


  • Difficult to clear the mask

Product Specifications:

Brand Ocean Reef Dimension 11.496 x 10.039 x 8.071 inches Color Options Emerald Size S/M, M/L Weight 3.43 pounds Corrective Lens Compatible No Panoramic View Included No Fog-Free Technology Included Yes Cold Water Certified Yes

The following video of the Ocean Reef Neptune Space G Full Face Mask will let you know whether you should buy it for your next diving.

Watch Video: OceanReef Neptune Space G Diver IDM Review

6. Dräger Panorama Nova

(Best Value for the Money)

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The Dräger Panorama Nova is a perfect combination of safety, quality, and comfort. This is considered to be an ideal option for professional scuba divers.

The mask includes a highly flexible design, giving three connection ports for attaching your regulator and underwater communication devices. In addition, it is effortless for you to get a snug fit, thanks to five adjustable head straps.

Visibility is another impressive advantage of the Dräger Panorama Nova. With this mask, you can have a wider field of vision compared to other standard models on the market today. Clearing this full-face mask is easy as a piece of cake as well.

The reason is that the item contains an integrated purging valve helping to push the water, even the smallest trickles out of the mask without much effort.

Key Features:

  • An integrated exhalation valve system
  • Two built-in nose clips
  • Three connection ports
  • Five customizable head straps
  • Flat visor
  • Double sealing frame


  • You can choose where to add your regulator among three connection ports
  • Nose clips allow for rapid underwater equalization
  • The double seal gives you an excellent watertight
  • The mask offers you a panoramic view
  • Ideal for diving in icy water
  • Designed to take the mask off immediately
  • Effortless to clear


  • The secondary regulator is not included in the purchase.

Product Specifications:

Brand Dräger Dimension 14 x 12.5 x 12.5 inches Color Options Black Size One size fits all Weight 2.1 pounds Corrective Lens Compatible No Panoramic View Included Yes Fog-Free Technology Included Yes Cold Water Certified Yes

The video below will show you in detail the way to assemble the Dräger Panorama Nova Full-Face Diving Mask’s components after every cleaning.

Watch Video: Draeger Panorama Nova Dive Assembly

7. Ocean Reef G. Divers IDM

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You should not skip the Ocean Reef G. Divers IDM if you are a novice diver since the basic design makes it simple to use. Since the mask is designed to ensure long-lasting for many years, it includes a polycarbonate visor that has both sides coated in siloxane resin.

Therefore, the window of this full-face scuba mask can be scratch-resistant and not broken easily. To bring ultimate comfort, the Ocean Reef G. Divers has six customizable straps which can fit perfectly regardless of your head size.

What’s more, to make it ideal for use in cold water, the tip of each strap is widened for ease of grasping with thick gloves on. Besides, a fast-rotating buckle system enables you to don and doff the mask instantaneously.

Key Features:

  • Six head straps
  • Siloxane double-coated visor
  • An exhaust valve
  • 2-year warranty


  • Compatible with icy diving
  • The exhaust valve makes it effortless to push water out
  • Adjustable head straps give you a better fit
  • Suitable for beginners
  • The double seal prevents water leakage into the mask
  • Offers you an incredibly clear view
  • The mask is not dislodged with movement thanks to the six-point harness


  • Limited color options
  • Not supports corrective lenses

Product Specifications:

Brand Ocean Reef Dimension 10.984 x 9.646 x 8.701 inches Color Options 4 Size S/M, M/L Weight 12 ounces Corrective Lens Compatible No Panoramic View Included No Fog-Free Technology Included No Cold Water Certified Yes

How to Choose the Right Full Face Scuba Mask?

Finding the best full face scuba masks would have been easier if not for the vast amount of models available. Have you identified any significant criteria for yourself to help you out while shopping for them? Needless to say, their quality should be prioritized above others.

Besides, there are several other essential factors that you should take notice of before any purchase.

1. Compatible Lens

The full-face scuba masks should feature lenses made from first-rate materials to provide divers extra safety. They can come with single or dual windows.

But in case you are eye-sighted and have to wear glasses, the models with corrective lenses are highly recommended options.

2. Cold Water Certified

If you are a tropical diver, you will see few valuable benefits of the full-face scuba masks exclusively designed for cold diving. In contrast, in icy water destinations, they become a piece of vital equipment.

A full-face scuba mask can help keep your face warm and control breathing at different depths. However, the deeper you go, the more risks you will encounter.

Even if your full-face mask is the most high-end item on the market, it cannot guarantee your absolute safety. Therefore, you should monitor the current depth through a console dive computer integrated with your scuba regulator.

3. Comfort

A full-face scuba mask bringing you premium comfort needs to work well in three aspects which are visibility, breathing, and maneuverability.

On top of that, a wide field of vision is the most important concern for divers of any level. Your mask must provide a clear visor, allowing you to see all the motions underwater.

Meanwhile, most full-face scuba masks support breathing without a mouthpiece, which means that you can communicate with your dive buddies effortlessly. Besides, this also enables you to keep in touch with the surface to receive guidelines under emergencies.

Finally, although the construction makes full-face models bulkier than normal scuba masks, they are light enough for you to move in the water smoothly. What’s more, you will find your body significantly flexible thanks to the excellent visibility of the full-face items.

4. Fit

The full-face scuba mask should fit snugly to ensure your safety and ultimate comfort. The best way to purchase an ideal model for you is to try it on. The mask cannot be too loose, which is easy to be dislodged with movement as well as too tight, which will squeeze your face.

In addition, the full-face scuba mask should offer a double seal around the edges to prevent any huge gaps. The items that provide you with customizable head straps are also a good choice because they can easily help you get a perfect fit.

5. Purging System

Full-face scuba masks sometimes cause you difficulty putting them on and off; in this case, the purging system is a truly convenient function. That’s because it allows you to drain trickles leaked into the mask without taking it off.

Pros and Cons of Full Face Scuba Masks

Although full-face scuba masks help to enhance divers’ experience, they may not be an ideal option for everyone. As with anything, they have their advantages and disadvantages, and this type of mask is not an exception.

To give you a clearer view, I will discuss the outstanding pros and cons of the full-face scuba masks in the section below.


  • Enable you to talk

It is no doubt saying that this is the decisive reason why divers purchase a full-face mask. Because of the design, it can allow you to breathe without a mouthpiece. Thus, you are free to talk with others in your dive group.

Furthermore, some full-face models are integrated with a radio communication system, keeping you in touch with the surface. Imagine how fun your dive will be if you can share with dive buddies about beautiful scenes underwater.

  • Offer you unobstructed views

The finest full-face scuba masks often come with a curved lens. This enables them to provide you with a nearly complete 180-degree visibility, which few conventional masks can do.

  • Create less fogging

Full-face scuba masks usually have a built-in ventilation system that controls the airflow and prevents them from fogging up as well as obstructing your vision.

  • Suitable for diving in cold climates

Even though some normal masks on the market now can be used in icy water, you should buy a full-face model to get excellent protection. That’s because when wearing the standard mask, only your body is kept warm through a dry suit.

Meanwhile, your head is the main reason causing the rapid drop in the body’s temperature. Therefore, all divers need to own a full-face scuba mask if they plan to stay underwater for a long period.


  • More difficult to put on properly

While the upside of having many straps is providing you a secure fit, the downside of this is that it is harder to use them, especially when you are in the water.

  • Not easy to clear

The full-face scuba masks are less likely to be flooded than traditional ones. However, it is more difficult to drain the water when the problem happens due to the large volume. Moreover, the issue can be even more serious because too much water makes it impossible to breathe.

  • The deterioration of basic diving skills

If you are a diver who frequently uses the full-face scuba mask, you will likely forget some of the most fundamental hand signals. Some people cannot even use the most basic ones since they are accustomed to talking during their dive.

Besides, a few other reports show that full-face mask enthusiasts lack regulator recovery techniques and mask clearing skills. Hence, they can struggle to use a conventional mask.

  • Heavyweight and high price point

The full-face scuba masks require a higher price range compared to standard ones. In addition, even when they feature the most streamlined design and super lightweight construction, they are still more cumbersome than most traditional masks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The full-face scuba masks are useful to bring you a marvelous diving experience. In case some problems are making you wonder whether to buy a model or not, this section can answer a few frequently asked questions to aid you further.

Can You Scuba Dive With a Full Face Mask?

A full-face scuba mask can offer you lots of benefits for diving in extremely severe environments. It allows you to breathe with your nose and keep your face warm; thereby, it is the best choice for icy water scuba divers.

How Much Does a Full Face Scuba Mask Cost?

The full-face scuba mask is heavier and requires higher price tags compared to the traditional items. It often comes with a price range from $600 to $1,600.

Can You Equalize With a Full Face Scuba Mask?

Of course, it can. Every full-face scuba mask includes a piece of rubber inside to help you equalize. The rubber is placed underneath your nose, so sometimes it can be called a nose pocket.

How Deep Can You Dive With a Full Face Scuba Mask?

The maximum depth you can dive is between one and two meters. Since the trapped air creates a lot of pressure, making the full-face scuba mask press strongly against your face, even in shallow water areas. Therefore, you will find it hard to breathe when going deeper.

Final Thoughts

Full-face scuba masks are the obvious choice for long dives. Thanks to them, your exploration into the deep ocean can be more natural, comfortable, and safer than ever before.

Hence, finding a suitable item for you might be difficult due to the abundance of markets. Nevertheless, it is also thrilling to know that you are not confined to a certain brand, design, or size.

In my opinion, of all the seven full-face scuba masks I selected, the IST M37 Pegasus is undeniably the best overall. The compact, lightweight design and tremendous field of vision are the two most prominent advantages you can expect from this mask.

The following position belongs to the OTS Spectrum, which is considered the best budget option. I believe you cannot find the second item that offers excellent watertight, flawless fit, and premium comfort like this model.

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