Custom Prescription Dive Masks

14 Nov.,2022


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Last December I decided to order a prescription lens dive mask. Like most of us, I googled to look for suppliers.

The first couple of contacts were more interested in my credit card info than my eyesight! I have an odd prescription that one of the companies said was impossible to put in a dive mask. I was very disappointed until I managed to talk to Linda. She assured me they could take care of me. I had a terrific conversation with her (none of which involved my credit card number!) and after thoroughly going through what I needed I decided to get a new mask with my prescription lenses.

My shipping details were a little complicated, but Linda assured me they could take care of it. So I placed the order.

The order took a little bit longer than expected, but in the middle of this pandemic, we all need to cool our anger and cut businesses slack! The mask got to my destination and when I first tried it on I could see better than using my glasses! I am absolutely thrilled! The quality and workmanship on my mask are stellar! I’m back snorkeling again and continue to be amazed at how this mask has opened up my underwater experience! Many thanks!