14 Nov.,2022


HOWO Light Truck

A large number of new light truck products have emerged in the market, and the new competition pattern on the manufacturing side is accelerating. Sinotruk HOWO light truck series products, with strict compliance, super fuel saving, ultra-light weight and high attendance rate, help truck users to successfully solve the "pain points" of logistics and transportation, and become the most competitive main force in the market. SINOTRUK's new-generation light truck HOWO Commander is about to be launched, and has once again achieved comprehensive surpassing in terms of quality, performance and comfort.

High quality is still the core keyword. The new generation of HOWO commander is a smart truck built by Sinotruk to enter the high-end era, which is fully comparable to European standards. On the basis of continuing the excellent genes of HOWO light truck series products, it has achieved 7 major quality surpasses, 27 major system advancements, and overall leading performance. Sinotruk integrates the world's top supply chain system and is specially built for the Chinese light truck transportation market to fully meet the high-quality wealth creation needs of customers.

The new generation of HOWO commander is equipped with WP( Weichai Power ) engine, bringing surging power; the seventh generation S-AMT16 manual self-integrated transmission independently developed by Sinotruk, extremely speed response, smooth shift, 8-speed shifting, smooth control, perfectly adapt to the urban light logistics distribution scene.

Europe as the birthplace of modern industrial design, defines the aesthetic standard of high-end cars, a new generation of HOWO commander adopts European top design, adhering to the "high-end, pure" design concept, luxury and elegant, bring strong visual impact. A high-value light truck that completely changes the stereotype of freight drivers on the model.

The luxury interior of the new generation of HOWO has added a lot of smart black technology, which significantly improves the fashion and avant-garde sense of the cab, and brings a luxurious texture. The same LCD instrumentation of Mercedes-Benz and the same plated clock of Rolls-Royce, the style is extraordinary, showing a gentleman's style; leather cloth luxury seats, NVH is fully optimized, creating a white-collar comfortable and quiet working environment for truck drivers, creating a comfortable and comfortable working environment Luxurious experience.

Sinotruk HOWO light truck series products have become synonymous with high quality in the hearts of the majority of truck fans. With its extraordinary enterprising spirit, it continuously achieves upgrades and advancements, and each generation lives up to its expectations. The new generation of HOWO commanders will be launched simultaneously in seven regions across the country. Sinotruk invites you to learn from the new smart truck and new species, and enjoy a new journey of high-end luxury.