SINOTRUK HOWO Light Truck On Promotion !

14 Nov.,2022


HOWO Light Truck

SINOTRUK HOWO Light Truck On Promotion !


CNHTC factory not only produce the heavy duty trucks, also have light trucks. The light truck chassis tech choose from heavy duty trucks chassis, with wear, stronger, durable etc advantage. Also the engine is adopt 4 cylinder technology, supply more powerful, and the maintenance cost is very low. According to the purpose, SINOTRUK HOWO light truck have different model series trucks, as follow:


-. SINOTRUK HOWO Light Dump Truck.




The loading tons range from 3 tons to 10 tons, could transport all kind of construction material.


-. SINOTRUK HOWO Light Cargo Truck.




 SINOTRUK HOWO Light Cargo Van Truck



SINOTRUK HOWO Light Fence Cargo Truck


Suitable for transport all kind of bulk cargo, easier operating. Fast delivery time


-. SINOTRUK HOWO Light Tanker Truck.




SINOTRUK HOWO Concrete Mixer Light Truck



SINOTRUK HOWO Water Light Truck



SINOTRUK HOWO Fuel Tanker Light Truck


SINOTRUK HOWO light tanker truck could used for transport water, oil, fuel, cement etc.


-. SINOTRUK HOWO Light Other Truck.




We also have other model light truck, such as the truck mount crane. And the lifting loading have 3 tons, 5 tons or more.


Now all model SINOTRUK HOWO light truck on promotion, please contact us get more details.