SINOTRUK's first batch of HOWO refrigerated light trucks were assembled and delivered at the dealer’s site in Cameroon

14 Nov.,2022


HOWO Light Truck

1. HOWO light truck refrigerated truck

On June 24, 2018, Sinotruk's first batch of HOWO light truck refrigerated trucks were assembled and debugged at the dealer's site. After more than a month of concentration and hard work, Sinotruk's first light truck refrigerated truck in Cameroon was published.

This batch of refrigerated truck customer is a large-scale refrigerated seafood company in Cameroon, with more than 100 vehicles. The main vehicles are European Mercedes-Benz models. From the first visit, they were turned away. The other party was full of doubts about Chinese products to subsequent dealers. The team worked hard to get a rare opportunity to quote, and finally the customer was willing to purchase the first batch of tractors for trial. Efforts will eventually pay off. With the support of active follow-up visits to the customer's subsequent use of vehicles, the customer recognized Sinotruk products and dealers' services, not only added orders for tractors, but also decided to purchase a batch of light truck refrigerated trucks.

The personnel of the Cameroon office and the dealer team all made a great effort for this deal, from the initial product selection, finalization, truck production tracking, determining the packing plan, organizing the shipment, until the completion of the truck arrival at the port. SINOTRUK team will respond to every problem with efficiency during the process. In the end, with the assistance of domestic factories and various departments, as well as the joint effort of the dealer team, all the light truck refrigerated trucks were assembled, tested and debugged, and were delivered to users perfectly.


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